Hello, I'm Daniel S. Billing 👋

...a DevOps Engineer from Norway 🇳🇴

I have 14 certifications, 74 courses and 11 years of experience under my belt. 🤓

What I do in short; AV Systems Development as a primary job, PHP/Laravel as a hobby/side-job, and freelance work for e-sport teams, LAN-parties, games and digital communities.

If you want to get in touch with me use one of my socials on the top of this page. Say hi! 👊

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I started my career by getting my diploma for the media graphics profession. After this I go a job as a Support Technician at Intility. About three years later I moved to the AV department of the same company, and that was over 6 years ago.

In the AV realm I have been developing meeting room control with Crestron and creating digital signage displays with Scala and Python. 📺

For my hobby projects I create stuff with VB.NET, Python and PHP with Laravel under my own name or my company's name Infihex. Most of these are available on Github. I am trying to release most of my projects as open-source in 2021, so keep your eyes open. 👀

While doing all of the above I also do freelance work for E-sport teams, LAN-parties, games and digital communities. So I am quite busy from time to time. 😅

Built with Laravel 8 and Tailwind, check it out on Github