Daniel S. Billing @DanielRTRD

Software Developer
Web Development Meeting Room Systems Digital Signage E-sports Game Development LAN-party Organizer Freelance

Hello, I am Daniel and I do cool stuff on the internet! 🤓

I started my career by getting my diploma for the media graphics profession. This was while I was a apprentice in the IT offices of a high school in Oslo. Even before my apprenticeship I have been interessed in programming with HTML, CSS and PHP. 👨‍🏫

Now years later I am doing a lot of development as a hobby, mainly in PHP, but also VB.NET and other languages. Most of these project where used under my business, Infihex or under my own name. 👨‍💻

While having a full-time job as a Systems Developer in the AV department of Intility. Here I have been developing meeting room control with Crestron SIMPL and great digital signage displays with Python. 📺

Most of my hobby projects are available on Github, but there is also a bunch of private projects. I am trying to release most of my projects as open-source in 2021, so keep your eyes open. 👀

If you want to get in touch with me use one of my socials on the top of this page. Say hi! 👋